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What are Endpoints?

Endpoints are infrastructure sources that are consumed by vRealize Automation. These endpoints are used by vRA to provision virtual machines, networks etc. vRealize Automation 7.6 supports following endpoints:

  • Cloud: Amazon EC2, OpenStack, vCloud Director, vCloud Air
  • Management: vROPS
  • Network and Security: NSX-T & NSX
  • Orchestration: vRO
  • Storage: NetApp ONTAP
  • Virtual: vCenter, Hyper-V, KVM

Navigate to Administration > Users & Groups > Directory Users & Groups and search for the user by typing the name in the search box.
Select the user from list.

Assign appropriate roles to the user.

Logout the tenant admin user and log back in via the IaaS admin user.

To define credentials, navigate to Infrastructure > Endpoints > Endpoints

Adding vCenter Endpoint

Click on Test Connection. If the provided details are correct, you will see a test connection successful message. Hit OK to save this endpoint.

vCenter Endpoint successfully added to vRA 7.6

Adding vRO Endpoint

  1. Log into the vRA appliance via SSH and run the following command to start the vco-configurator.

2. Type https://vra-fqdn and click on vRealize Orchestrator Control Center.

Note: vRA can use its embedded vRO service or an external vRO appliance needs to integrate with vRA to execute workflows for automating stuffs.
For lab purpose embedded vRO is enough for carrying out workflows.

3. To configure embedded vRO, navigate to Administration > vRO Configuration > Server Configuration and select “Use the default Orchestrator server” and click on Test connection.
You will see “successfully updated the server configuration” message.
Hit OK .

4. Return to the endpoints tab and select Orchestrator > vRealize Orchestrator.

Select the vRO endpoint and from actions tab, click on Data Collection. Data collection is the process where vRA reaches out to its infrastructure source endpoints and their compute resources to collect information.

In next post of this series we will see how to create fabric and business groups etc.