I have received a few questions about creating and configure a Nutanix cluster via cli. So decided a article to write about it.

If you have visited directly on this page, then I would highly recommend you read earlier posts of this series from below links:

  1. Lab Setup and Prerequisite
  2. Installing

Create the Nutanix Cluster

This is really simple and takes only one command. The only pre req is that you have set IP address of the CVMs eth0 interface.

You run the cluster create command and in my example below I have added some parameters available during the creation process:

  •  –redundancy_factor – with the two options 2 or 3 (requires min 5 Nutanix nodes).
  • –cluster_name – The Nutanix cluster name
  • –cluster_external_ip – The Nutanix cluster IP address
  • –dns_servers – IP to the DNS servers
  • –ntp_servers – FQDN to the NTP servers
cluster --dns_servers=, --ntp_servers=pool.ntp.org --redundancy_factor=2 -s,,, --cluster_name=NTQX --cluster_external_ip= create

And our 4 node cluster creation is completed.

So that’s about it. Anything you normally use and you want me to add, please let me know.

If not, happy Nutanix cluster creation & configuration:)