After ESXi host upgrade to ESXi 7.0u3 you might face issues with the PSOD.

In the vmkernel logs you will see similar errors:


This issue is occurring as in ESXi 7.0.3 release VMFS added a change to have uniform UNMAP granularities across VMFS & SE Sparse snapshot. As a part of this change maximum UNMAP granularity reported by VMFS was adjusted to 2GB. A TRIM/UNMAP request of 2GB issued from Guest OS can in rare situations result in a VMFS metadata transaction requiring lock acquisition of a large number of resource clusters (greater then 50 resources) which is not handled correctly in resulting in an ESXi PSOD. VMFS metadata transaction requiring lock actions on greater then 50 resource clusters is not common and can happen on aged datastores. This concern only impacts Thin Provisioned VMDKs, Thick, and Eager Zero Thick VMDKs are not impacted.

Fix: This issue is resolved in ESXi 7.0 Update 3c.

To download:

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