The vSAN health plugin VIB has changed between the vCenter Server 6.0 Update 1 and the vCenter Server 6.0 Update 2 release.

In 6.0 U2 the VIB is no longer managed by EAM and its name also changed, therefore a manual cleanup is required to remove old references.

To work around this issue, the old EAM agency configuration must be deleted in vCenter Server.

To delete the old EAM agency configuration, follow these steps:

Note: This procedure will modify the vCenter Server configuration. It is recommended to create a vCenter Server database backup before proceeding.

  1. Log into the ESX Agent Manager (EAM) Managed Object Browser (MOB) at this address: http://VC_ip_address/eam/mob
  2. Click on Query Agency
  3. Click on the Agency value for
  4. Click on Destroy agency
  5. Repeat if there is additional agency values for
  6. Log back into the Web client and confirm that all alarms have been cleared

This is a known issue with vSAN 6.2 deployments.