— When we login to vCenter using HTML client we see that on cluster the license is expired and it is using evaluation license.

— We will not see the same issue when we login using flash client


— This issue will occur due to stale license entries.


— Login to PSC (incase of external setup) or to vCenter (incase of embedded setup) using JXplorer.

— Steps to install and use JXplorer can be found in the below link:

— Expand Services > LicenseService.

— Select any AssetEntity_host-ID-UUID values and check one the of the AssetEntity_host-ID-UUID will be having expired evaluation license.

— Delete the AssetEntity which is holding the expired evaluation license.

— Restart vCenter and PSC services and then verify we shouldn’t have any expired license assigned to the cluster.

Note: Before making changes using JXplorer make sure that you are taking a backup of your vCenter,PSC as well using JXplorer.