Below is an aggregation of all the related to new features/enhancement in vSphere 6.7u2:

1. Converge with vSphere Client:

— Previous releases were having CLI functionality only. But now with 6.7u2 it is available directly from vSphere Client (GUI Based). Life is much more easier of the VMware admin.

2. DRS Maintenance Mode:

— For vSphere remote office branch office (ROBO) Maintenance ,license required ROBO Enterprise License per host

3. Platform Services controller change:

— Deprecation warning during UI/CLI operations

During vCenter server installations, upgrade and migrations- there is now a warning which comes up to inform the administrator of the deployment change for external platform services controllers.

NOTE: Next vSphere release will not support External PSC’s.

External PSC will be supported till 6.7u2 only.

4. vCenter server appliance improvements:

— New backup protocols supported (NFSv3 and later , SMBv2 and later)

— Restore operation validates the backup version

— Notification of a failed vCSA backup

— Content library can now sync with supported Cloud-Based vSphere