We might face issue where ESXi doesn’t boot completely and will get stuck at loading some module.

Below are few modules which I have seen due to which the host was not loading completely:

1. USB driver vmkusb

2. When host is installed using HP custom ISO we might get below error:
Jumpstart dependency error: Initialization barrier “mlx4_core” is not provided by any plugin but the following plugins require it: “mlx4_en

3. ESXi host might get into hung state after reboot at “ipmi_si_drv

4. Or any other module (specifically due to any driver)

You can follow below steps if the host will not boot completely to use the solution:

1. Reboot the ESXi host.The moment you see a black screen with progress bar saying LOADING HYPERVISOR , enter SHIFT + O instantly.

Note: ‘shift + o’ takes to boot options of ESXi hypervisor.

2. When you are on an interactive boot shell of ESXi, enter module name:




3. Press the enter key to resume boot.

Note: When ESXi host comes up, the mentioned module will be disabled, and the solution can be followed to make the change permanent.