This issue occurs because the entries from the VPX_DISABLED_METHODS table are not removed after the virtual machine backup task completes.

1. Open a browser to https://<vcenter fqdn or IP>/mob and login using your vCenter Server admin/password.

2. Click RetrieveServiceContent under Methods. A new window may open.

3. Click Invoke Method.

Note: Clicking Invoke Method may attempt to download a file the first time it runs. If so close the window and click the content hyperlink.

4. Click the rootFolder: group-d1 (Datacenters).

5. To attain the ManagedObjectReference ID of your VSA virtual machine, follow these steps:
— Click the Datacenter that contains your VSA virtual machine under ChildEntity
— Under hostFolder select the folder. For example: group-h63 (host).
— Find the Datacenter under ChildEntity (if you have one).
— Click one of the ESXi hosts that contains a VSA virtual machine.
— Click the datastore that VM resides on. For example: datastore1
— Under vm copy the virtual machine’s ManagedObjectReference ID. For example: vm-32

6. To enable virtual machine operations, open the AuthorizationManager. It is hidden from the main vCenter Server M.O.B Web UI. You can access it through this URL:


7. In the first parameter entity, replace the string MOID with the ManagedObjectReference ID you copied in step 6.

For example:
<!– array start –>
<entity type=”ManagedEntity” xsi:type=”ManagedObjectReference”>vm-32</entity>
<!– array end –>

8. To allow you to modify the VSA virtual machine, paste this list of operations in the second parameter method:


9. In the third parameter sourceId, paste the string: abracadabra.
10. Click Invoke Method.