At times, when troubleshooting a specific issue, you would want to check Task & Events within vCenter UI to know what was happening around the time issue occurred. In vCenter Web Client, we had an option to Export the events, however, vCenter Server HTML5 UI doesn’t have such option. Hence, we have to keep hitting Next to get to the desired Task or Event. The filter option that you see in the page, searches that specific page only, as shown below. Hence, to get to a Date/Time in the past, you would end up hitting Next several times.

Here are the steps that you can implement to get to the desired Date & Time within Events Tab.

  1. Right Click on Next Tab and hit Inspect
  2. Chrome Developer Tools Window would open up with Next button specific HTML code within Elements Tab.
  3. Right click the Next button specific code and click on Edit as HTML
  4. Add id=”clickMe” right after button like this

Now Goto Console Tab and type below text & hit Enter
var i = 1;
function findstr() {
var text = “02/13/2021, 4”;
if (!(window.find(text))) {
console.log(“String “+text+” Not Found on Page Number: “+i+” Clicked Next “+i+” Time(s) till now”);
setTimeout(findstr, 10000);

Once you hit enter, it would start hitting Next every 10 seconds until it finds the string on the Webpage.

Hope this saves some time of your’s.