Recently I got an opportunity to install NSX-T 2.4.3 in my Lab.
The VCSA & ESXi versions didn’t satisfy the minimum requirements as per VMware Product Interoperability Matrix hence I had to upgrade my complete setup which I enjoyed.

I used VCSA VAMI interface to update my vCenter. To update VCSA, I ran into issues wherein I was unable to initiate the VCSA Configuration Backup, more details & resolution is posted here. Once VCSA was updated, I used Update Manager to update my ESXi Hosts which got updated in no time.

Current Versions:
NSX-T 2.4.3
VCSA 6.7 Update 3f Build 15976728
ESXi 6.7 EP 06 Build 11675023

Before installing NSX-T, I had to uninstall NSX-V setup from the Compute Cluster completely. Post this, on one of the Hosts, within NSX-T Simplified UI -> System -> Fabric -> Nodes -> Host Transport Nodes, under the column “NSX Configuration” there was a message which already stated “Configured”. I then checked esx-nsxv vib was still installed on the Host in question.
I tried to remove the vib using the below command & rebooted the Host, but no luck.
esxcli software vib remove -n esx-nsxv

In the interest of time, & since no workload was running on that Host, I made a decision to redeploy it.

Transport Zone, as well as Host Transport Node Profile, was already created within NSX-T UI. Once the Host was redeployed & joined back to the Compute Cluster within vCenter, observed that within NSX-T UI, “NSX Configuration” stated “Not Configured” for the Host which was redeployed. This is all was required for me to proceed with the Host Preparation Step, selected Compute Cluster & clicked on “Configure NSX”, within minutes it got installed & I was good to go-ahead.

This is how you would see in the NSX-T UI, once NSX-T is installed & configured.

Now coming to the topic of this Blog, within vCenter HTML Client, I went to Hosts within the Compute Cluster & checked that newly created vmkernel interfaces are not showing up, as per the below snippet

However, within NSX-T Simplified UI, we were able to see the vmkernel interface for VTEP, as highlighted below

Hence, got to know that the correct way to confirm and check details of newly created vmkernel interface for VTEP (other than through NSX-T UI) is through ESXi CLI. To check the same, take SSH connection to the Host and run the command as shown below

To check the connectivity between VTEPs through CLI, you can run the command as shown below

Point to note here is that, within vCenter Server UI, vmkernel interfaces for VTEP will never show up, unlike in NSX-V, it used to show up within vCenter UI.
Also note, through CLI, always specify the NetStack which is vxlan in case of VTEPs.

For any questions & clarifications, feel free to comment, I would be happy to help.