If all datasources are giving this error, it is recommended to check the service status within vRNI Appliances. To check the same, take SSH connection to vRNI Appliances using consoleuser credentials & run the command show-service-status

In the remaining blog post, it is assumed that not all, but a specific datasource is giving the error mentioned in the Title.

Snippet from collector logs located at /home/ubuntu/logs within vRNI Proxy VM
didn’t received complete response for command: [show mac address-table | no-more], data received : show mac address-table | no-more^M

You might also look for the keyword UNHEALTHY in the collector logs for command which is timing out in your environment.

Cause: This issue occurs when the data source added takes longer time than expected to return the output of the stated command.
There is a specific time (in sec) which is hard coded for each command which is invoked from vRNI Proxy, & for that duration vRNI Proxy would expect the output of the command. If it doesn’t receive a timely response, that is when you would start experiencing such issues.


  • Take SSH connection to the Switch/Router and run the same command (which is seen in the logs) directly on the device & see if it is taking longer time. If yes, it might be related to the overall Switch Performance.
  • If command (when run directly on the switch) returns timely response, however, we still get the error in vRNI Collector logs, then try to take SSH from vRNI Proxy to the Switch/Router & then run the command. There might be network congestion issues between vRNI Proxy VM & the Physical Switch, which is the actual cause of the timeout.
  • In the same log file, you can look for other commands (if any) having similar timeout issues & troubleshoot accordingly.

If assistance is still required, follow the error message i.e. Contact VMware Support 🙂