Recently, I came across an issue where in, after adding vCenter Server, I was unable to add the NSX Manager. When I clicked on Validate button, it threw the Error “Wrong VMware VCenter selected”.

We confirmed that this is the same vCenter Server which is showing up in NSX Manager UI -> Manage vCenter Registeration.

Observed below snippet in vRNI Platform logs

ERROR [Date_Time_in_UTC] [U:154,F:041,T:195,M:667] SaasListener.config.NSXConnectionConfigProcessor:[GenericDPConnectionConfigProcessor:validate:289] - [dw-13947 - POST /resttosaasservlet] - ValidateCreds failed on collector. collectorId: <>, customerId: , dpId: NSX_, result: SaasResult(errorCode:-16, errorDetails:["VC_URL"], dataSource:NSX, dpId:null)

INFO [Date_Time_in_UTC] [U:154,F:041,T:195,M:667] SaasListener.config.NSXConnectionConfigProcessor:[NSXConnectionConfigProcessor:handleParentOperation:416] - [dw-13947 -
 POST /resttosaasservlet] - Result of VALIDATE for customerId: , dpId: NSX_ is SaasResult(errorCode:-16, errorDetails:["VC_URL"], dataSource:NSX, dpId:null)

Also, observed that

  • Within vRNI Proxy VM, /etc/hosts file had vCenter FQDN pointing to
  • vRNI Platform & Proxy was using as the DNS & vRNI Appliances were not using DNS from the Domain
  • Within vRNI, vCenter Server was added as IP Address however, in NSX Manager -> Manage vCenter Registeration, it showed up registered with FQDN


Without correct DNS configuration, vRNI wouldn’t resolve vCenter’s IP Address to FQDN hence followed the link to update DNS on both appliances using change-network-settings command.
Once we run this command, we would get similar screen as we would have observed when we run setup command.
Both appliances were rebooted for changes to take effect.
After the reboot, we were able to add NSX Manager as a Datasource within vRNI.