Have you ever come across a problem where in, you started an upgrade or any such process through CLI, however, due to inactivity, the Putty session timeout?
In such cases, you would not be able to check the upgrade status, whether it is still running or not. To figure that out, you would have to login to vRNI Appliances again & would have to probably check the logs.

Log files to be checked would be found in /home/ubuntu/logs directory
Relevant file names: cli.log, chef-run.log

If you do not want Putty Client to go inactive, you can start the Upgrade Process in ‘Screen

Steps or the commands required

  • Take Putty connection to vRNI Platform VM as support user
  • Type screen -S “upgrade.d1” & hit enter to start a screen
  • Suppose you run package-installer upgrade –name <bundle_name> command as per the Upgrade Guide & the upgrade gets started
  • Now, to detach from the active screen, hit ctrl+a+d
  • You would see a message [detached from <pid>.upgrade.d1]
  • Now, even if the Putty goes inactive, you can login to the Putty at a later point in time & run the command screen -x upgrade.d1
  • It will show up the same Upgrade Screen.

You can also run screen in any Ubuntu Machine.

I hope this was helpful.