To get the mapping between NAA ID, Datastore UUID & Datastore Name, run the command esxcfg-scsidevs -m in a putty session to the Host and you would get similar output as below

Click on the Link to view the screenshot

Now, let us focus on the details about ISCSI_400

5c6a8a81-fe0b9946-0ec7-005056016fc3 is the Datastore UUID


  • First Segment (5c6a8a81) is the Hex Value of the Epoch Time when this Datastore was created
  • Second Segment (fe0b9946) is the timestamp based on Server’s Internal Clock
  • Third Segment (0ec7) is a random number
  • Fourth Segment (005056016fc3) is the MAC Address of the Host, through which this Datastore was created 

In this case, Hex(5c6a8a81) = 1550486145 in Decimal, when converted to Human readable Date (using Epoch Converter), gives the result that, this Datastore was created on Monday, February 18, 2019 10:35:45 AM GMT. 

005056016fc3 is the MAC Address of one of the NICs on my other hosts within the same Cluster as seen in the screenshot below 



Hope this information helps!!!