Upgrading to vCenter Server 6.7 fails with the message “Source vCenter Server has instance(s) of non-VMware Distributed Virtual Switch.

In case you have been ignoring removal of orphaned Cisco N1KV, now is the time, you HAVE to remove it.

There is a VMware KB for this issue, however, removing orphaned Cisco Nexus 1000v or N1KV can get tedious.
In addition to this, there is also another VMware KB & also a Cisco Link that talks about removing orphaned Cisco N1KV.

However, you might still get below issues following the above articles.

Make sure that

  • Extension Key provided to the Temp VSM is same as the one showing up in vCenter -> Networking -> N1KV -> Summary
  • Hostname for the temp VSM should be the same as the original VSM (as seen in vCenter Server)

Unable to connect the VSM to vCenter Server
Login to the N1KV

  1. n1kv_hostname(config)# sh svs connectionconnection vcenter:
    hostname: –
    ip address: a.b.c.d
    ipv6 address: –
    remote port: 80
    transport type: ipv4
    protocol: vmware-vim https
    certificate: default
    datacenter name: DC
    max-ports: 12000
    DVS uuid: –
    dvs version: 4.0
    config status: Disabled
    operational status: Disconnected
    sync status: –
    version: –
    vc-uuid: –
    ssl-cert: –n1kv_hostname(config)# svs connection vcenter
    n1kv_hostname(config-svs-conn)# connect
    ERROR: [VMware vCenter Server 6.5.0 build-7801515]
  2. Any other task you implement would just give you “operational status: Disconnected” when running “sh svs connection” command

Get DVS uuid and enter the same in N1KV & then try to connect to vCenter Server and remove
Goto the vCenter MOB page & get the uuid string. and then
click on “content” & then search for the string “rootFolder”, click on “group-xx”
click on “childEntity” which would say “datacenter-yy”,
then click on “networkFolder” & click on “group-zz” mentioned ahead of it,
click on “childEntity”, click on “more” in the VALUE column to display all the values & search for DVS Name, click that. Look for uuid in the “NAME” column

Once you have the uuid string: implement below steps

n1kv_hostname(config-svs-conn)# vmware dvs uuid “aa bb .. .. .. af” datacenter-name DC
n1kv_hostname(config-svs-conn)# connect
n1kv_hostname(config-svs-conn)# show svs connections
connection vcenter:
    hostname: –
    ip address: a.b.c.d
    DVS uuid: aa bb .. .. .. af
    dvs version: 4.0
    config status: Enabled
    operational status: Connected
    sync status: in progress
    version: VMware vCenter Server 6.5.0 build-7801515
    vc-uuid: vc_uuid
    ssl-cert: self-signed or not authenticated

vs1-cphdc1(config-svs-conn)# no vmware dvs
This will remove the DVS from the vCenter Server and any associated port-groups. Do you really want to proceed(yes/no)? [yes]

This time it should definitely remove the Orphaned Cisco N1KV